Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Way to Beautiful

I am so excited! I am at my mom's and after hearing about all her blogs, the friends she's made, and the fun she has had I have decided to join the blogging world!

Here I am a couple summers ago on a ferry to Bainbridge Island for my brothers wedding. It's a special memory for me, I thought this would be a great place to start.

My favorite thing to do would be cook. I love being creative with new recipes and and new types of ingredients. I also really love spending time with my dog, Jake. He is on my header when he was only 14 weeks old, now he is just over a year old. I love to get out and run, and enjoy the outdoors. I'm crazy about hockey, GO CANUCKS!

I recently moved back to my hometown and started up my own business with Mary Kay. I've always loved makeup, beauty and fashion. I plan to go to school in the fall for hair. My dream is to one day own my own hair salon and have my Mary Kay business on the side to enhance, empower and make woman feel beautiful!

I have a whole long list of things I love, my faith, my family, my boyfriend, my dog, and my friends. I welcome you to follow me through this journey!

My next post is going to be a recipe on whatever I conjure up for dinner tonight!

Please feel free to tell me about yourself! Look forward to blogging with you!


  1. Hi honey!
    Fun to create your blog with you. It's beautiful, just like you! You are going to love blogging! I'll tell my blog friends about your new blog. See my blog today!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging Kara....I pray it will bring you as many friends and blessings as it has your mom and I.....I love your sweet header picture....Jake looks so content sitting on that boardwalk....cute...cute!
    I will be back for sure!I will tell my daughter Regina about your blog as well...blessings.

  3. Hi Kara,
    I'm a blogging friend of your Mom's and she sent me over to check you out.
    Will be checking back in with you from time to time to see what you come up with here.

  4. Hi, pretty Kara! I'm your mom's friend, Holly. I was raised in Washington and I went to Bainbridge as a child. My sister also lived in your area for years. Enumclaw is my old stomping ground. Right now I live in Idaho but WA will always be home to me.

    I was just looking at some fun vintage make up and fashion blogs today! There are so many blogs out there on as many topics as you can imagine!

    Have fun! ♥

  5. Hello Kara! I am also a friend of your Mom's from this awesome land of blogging! I met her about a year ago blogging, and I know for sure God brought us together!! You can meet so many awesome people blogging! I have seen you alot on your Mom's facebook too. You are a very pretty young woman. You are very focused and that is a good thing!! Hope your dinner turns out good! Looking forward to your recipes! Love, XO Fran.

  6. Hi Kara!I can feel your beautiful spirit coming right out of your blog site-Just like your Mamma.Don't worry My Dear,all your followers won't be a bunch of little old ladies,we can hook you up with a younger crowd. My prayers do go with you-have fun sweetie!

  7. Thank you all for all your love and visits! I look forward to visiting all of your blogs!