Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good evening!

I have been having one hectic weekend! Between working, trying to get food on the table, spending time with my boyfriend and time with Jake of course, there hasn't been much time for me. It's nice to have some peace and quiet and turn the world off and tune into my blog. :)

I am really excited for tomorrow. I get to spend some time at church with my boyfriend and his wonderful grand parents that I've just recently met. Then I have work, and a girlfriend get together for Mary Kay tomorrow night! So excited to have some girl time and dive into some of the NEW summer products!

It's been a busy weekend so hopefully I can find some time this coming week to make some delicious food and share all the great things I come up with with you all!

Off to bed I go, it's about 3 hours past my bedtime ;)


  1. Enjoy your day sweetie....blessings

  2. Well for sure living life gets in our way sometimes of having fun. I guess the trick is to make it fun all the time like your Mom seems to, at least you have a great example there. You might try some photos of your Mary Kay party if you are doing any 'make overs' a before and after IF the person allows it. Well have a great day. I'm headed to church soon and I have 'nursery' duty this Sunday.

  3. Wow...what a great idea from Nan...before and after shots! I'm a witness for that! Once looking 52 now looking 40...yip, yip and yeah for Mary Kay days! Congrats on your new business daughter. You are going to soar because your heart is to help women feel beautiful first! God is able to make your dreams come true!